Imagine a rich breakfast with apricot jam, just like granny used to make, fresh eggs from the village and freshly baked bread.

In the refrigerator of the villa you will find traditional local products  (eggs, cheese, jam, freshly gathered fruit and vegetables) in order to prepare the breakfast you prefer.

You can also get bread from the baker that passes by every morning and leaves fresh loaves. All the bedrooms are equipped with air-conditioning, TV set and DVD. Sheets are changed 3 times a week, while the rooms are cleaned on a daily basis.

Villa Katoi Facilities

Following prior arrangement, you can be provided with:

- A breakfast or meal menu
- Transportation
- A boat for trips to nearby inaccessible beaches
- Activity or Day-trip packages, adapted to your personal needs

Villa Katoi Kefalonia

All areas are accessible for people with disabilities

Kefalonia vacation with no limits