Kefalonia is an island that belongs to Ionion sea.There are several marines , 4 comercial ports, and an airport.

The village Agkonas was rebuilt after the 1953 earthquakes in a different location in order to be protected from big rocks sliding. The ashes of the old dorp are vissible in the north.

There are 150 village, living in the region which is famous for the enormous eyesight.

The visitors will have the opportunity to taste fresh meat, fish and wine which is produced in the area.

Villa Kefalonia - Location


Departure from Patra. The trip lasts 3 hours. Arrival at port of Sami (25km away from Agkona).
Departure from Kilini. The trip lasts 1.5 hour. Arrival at port of Poros (40km away from Agkona). Alternative arrival port of Argostoli (20 km from Agkona). The trip lasts 3 hours.

There are several flighs to Kefalonia from ATHENS (Eleftherios Venizellos airport) everyday to ARGOSTOLI airport (28km from villa).

Kefalonia vacation with no limits